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Iucundus Bard

Bard Iucundus was born on the 21st of February 1949 at Ljubljana as Leobard Oblak. In the year 1973, he has graduated at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana. After his study, he was reaching his perfection in Paris in the years 1977/78. He was occupying himself also with graphics, getup of books, theatre-scenography, costumographhy and poetry. As a member of the 441 Group, he has coformed the manifesto of the baroque surrealism (1967) and cooperated at the foundation of the Literary theatre of Pupilija Ferkeverk (1969). In thepaintry of Iucundus, one can perceive a span from the symbolic archetypics, based on the philosophic system of cabala (1972-75) across the reflection about the origine of spirit and subject-matter (imaginary landscapes from the years 1974-75) to natural figuralics (male portraits from the years 1977-78, that attach them-selves on the art of F. de Goya, W. Hogarth, H. Daumier and G. Boldoni). Likewise the pictures, he was creating also the drawings in cycles (The Phantoms, 1980, The Alphabetic Prophets, 1981, The Owners of Words, 1982, The Periodical Demagogues, 1984, American cycle, 1984-85). Iucundus ranks among the anachronic artists, interpreters of the historical message of paintry from the manierism to romantism.He has died at Ljubljana on the 27th of July 1986.