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Vasilije Josip Jordan
Vasilije Josip Jordan was born in 1934 in Zagreb, where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. He has developed a unique and recognizable style that combines surrealism and tradition, which has produced a truly fascinating opus.In 1961, he organized his first independent exhibition at Zagreb’s Gallery of Contemporary Art. Throughout his prolific career, he has partaken in three hundred joint exhibitions and held independent exhibitions in all of the significant European culture centres, including Paris, Brussels, Milan, Cologne, Rome, Lausanne, Stuttgart, Padua, Venice, Bologna, Dubrovnik, Split, Varaždin, etc. Vasilije Josip Jordan also won numerous painting awards; he had two monographs published, and had several short documentaries made about him. Between 1978 and 2000 he worked at Zagreb’s Academy of Fine Arts, from where he subsequently retired. Since his professional career ended he has not stopped painting but, instead, he continues with active work, displaying his pieces in numerous independent exhibitions. He died in 2019.