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Ivan Vavpotič
Ivan Vavpotič (1877 - 1943) was one of the most popular Slovene artists of his time and his activities in many fields - book illustrations, theatre sets, design of the firs Yugoslav postage stamps, posters, published articles, his work as an organizer, editor and popularizer - made him an influential cultural personality. He was an extremely well-educated, thoughtful and cosmopolitan artist, he was well versed in art history and had close ties with Slovene culture, especially literature and the theatre, as well as music. After his high school years in Novo mesto - where the poet Dragotin Kette was a fellow student - he studied painting between 1897 and 1905 in Prague, Paris, Vienna and again in Prague, where he developed a particulalry strong affinity to realism. In 1906 he took a position as drawing master at the secondary school in Idrija and in 1910 he moved to Ljubljana; during the war years he was active as war artist in the Slovene Littoral and then settled in Ljubljana as a free-lance artist.