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Klavdij Tutta
Klavdij Tutta was born in 1958 in Postojna. He finished his studies at The Academy of Fine arts in Ljubljana, where he graduated in the class of Prof. Bogdan Borcic. He is working as a painter and as a graphic. In his art he also uses different objects. Since 1981 he has been a member of ZDSLU. At the time he lives and works in Nova Gorica and Kranj as an independent artist. In 1993 he established an art workshop "Slovenia open for art" in Sinji Vrh. He collaborated at many independent and group exhibitions all over the world and he received numerous prizes for his outstanding work. The painting of Klavdij Tutta is eruptive, emotional and unexpected. He usually chooses a motive or an element that he emphasises and this motive becomes a leading part in his cycle.