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Drago Tršar
(b Planina, nr Rakek, 27 April 1927). Slovenian sculptor. He completed his studies at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and taught there after 1960. His early works, autonomous human or animal figures, had already indicated his tendency to synthesize the sculptural volume into a monumental, rudimentary mass suggestive of the subject's character. Soon he began to group his human figures in a manner not unlike modern British sculptors such as Henry Moore, Lynn Chadwick and Kenneth Armitage. In 1957 he began to execute statues described by critics as sculptural ensembles; these were large, usually flattened volumes, in which he carved outlines, shapes and individual parts of the body, to form a single mass of human figures grouped together. These clusters of often rhomboidal figures with a multitude of stylized legs below and raised pointed arms, evoke demonstrators, rioters or the like. Read more: