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Stane Kregar
Stane Kregar was born on November 10, 1905 in Zapuže near Ljubljana. From 1917 he attended Diocesan Classical Gymnasium in Ljubljana and after studying theology in 1930 left to study at the Fine Arts Academy in Prague, where he graduated in 1935. His first exhibition in Ljubljana was held in Jakopic's Pavilion in 1936. During studies in Prague he adopted modernism and joined Czech cubist school, but quickly moved to surrealism (encouraged especially by a visit to Paris in 1937), introducing it as a new style and new subject in Slovene painting. In the years 1936-1945 he was teaching art at the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium. Shortly before WWII he returned to colourful realism, but moved away from visual reality with a radical step into abstract painting around 1950. Prolific throughout his life in sacral painting, his stained windows, frescoes, mosaics, altar paintings and liturgical clothing established him as one of the most important authors in modern Slovene sacral art. Stane Kregar died on August 1, 1973 in Ljubljana.